Sugarhouse Supply Company was born from a desire to do it all.

I have always had passions for designing jewelry, handbags, I wanted to create a surf company and learn to sew. I wanted to do pottery and macrame. I wanted it all! And yes, I think someday I will do all these things. Eventually. But there are only so many hours in the day and with a toddler, that lessens your hours by half... I believe anyway. So I created this space where I can curate everything and anything I love and share it with you. Many of the items you see are designed or handmade by me or carefully chosen with great care from a shop and maker I think is wonderful. I hope you enjoy this eclectic menagerie; it has become a big part of my life and heart.

Our Family Story

We met at a concert in Salt Lake City, Utah. Neither of us were fans of the band playing... we were just there. He was sitting on a bench as I, the lone passerby, walked his way. He yelled at me from his seat, (in the nicest way possible), and I, for reasons I still do not understand, welcomed his "cat call" and sat next to him. Now, this is out of the ordinary, really... I don't normally talk with strangers... even cute ones. But I did in this one instance, and the rest is history.

Sugarhouse is a quaint neighborhood within Salt Lake City. During college, we spent a lot of time there strolling the boutiques and studying in coffee shops. I fell so hard for this place, and also for him. Naming our shop after the place we fell in love only seemed absolutely 100% fitting.

We now live in Southern California near the ocean in a little tiny house. We have one sweet little boy and a rescue cat named Luna Belle, or Lulu, or Cat or as Ezra calls her, Kiki. She may have 10 names forever, poor confused kitty.

We hope you love this collection we have put together. Check back every now and again, things are always changing as we find new things to share!


Mary Lauren, Clayton, Ezra