Double Triangle Wall Hook

Utilitarian wall hooks by Bright Star & Buffalo, hand forged from bronze and brass.

Double triangle for your thoughtfully curated nest.

Hang: necklaces, tea towels, coats, scarves, fiber art, keys, belts, baskets, copper pots, etc.

Use in every room of the house - buy the five hook combo pack and receive a 10% discount.

Size: 6" tall X 2.5" wide

These Bright Star & Buffalo wall hangings and hooks come with slightly adjustable "loops" welded to the back of each piece (wall hangings have 2 to 3 loops - wall hooks have 1 loop). These loops can be hung on nails or screws and tightened to create a snug fit.

*Hardware not included.

Care and Maintenance: Brass, bronze and copper naturally tarnish. Bright Star & Buffalo does not seal the bronze, brass or copper. Moisture will accelerate the natural patina (tarnish or coloring) process. There are several techniques available to remove patina and re shine your bronze, brass or copper products.

- To clean: simply rub gently with lime/lemon juice and salt, rinse, dry with a soft cloth. Alternately you can use "Barkeepers Friend" or "Bon Ami".

- To shine: use commercial brass and copper polishing compounds such as "Brasso" or silver polish.